Are you rendering your walls this season

First of all you should check whether your walls are fit for rendering or plastering purposes. But, the question is, how? Well you can clean the wall thoroughly of course. House rendering and texturing in Melbourne can be done more effectively on a clean surface. However, there are a lot of other things to check as well:

  • You have to fix any crack on the wall before applying the render coat.(unless there is substantial building movement from the need of underpinning, this must be done first so seek the advice from a professional in this field) For this you need to widen the crack first and to remove dirt and debris from the crack. Then you can put some mortar mix into the cracks carefully and thus your cracks are fixed. Do not forget to put a render coat on the crack so that people do not notice your tiny little repair job.
  • Before rendering, you should also wash away any fungus or other organic debris from the wall. Use a strong fungicide for removing the fungus and wash the wall thoroughly before you get it textured. This will not only provide a clean surface for texturing but also enhance its effectiveness.
  • Make sure you leave your walls clean and prepared for at least a minimum period of 5 days before applying any render. You can also coat it with lime for extra protection but keep the wall untouched for the minimum period before rendering it. It is advisable to take help from professional¬†house rendering services in Melbourne for most effective results.

Given our busy schedule, most of us tend to forget such little things that cause problems later on. However, if you seek help from a professional wall rendering and plastering service provider, you can be assured of good results. So, always opt for help from a professional if you want your house rendering job to be done effectively without any mistake.


Maranatha Texture Services of All Over Plastering Pty Ltd have completed an outstanding plastering job during house renovations in my new home in Port Melbourne.