Cement Rendering Melbourne

What is cement rendering ? How do you render your walls with sand and cement in Melbourne and the eastern suburbs?

Cement rendering is one of the most traditional ways of rendering your walls and making them stronger and more resistant to corrosion. As the latest renderers do not favour ancient practices like sand and cement rendering in Melbourne, some heritage sites are left un-rendered. As synthetic materials like polystyrene cannot be used to render those walls, sand and cement serves as the best material for rendering and plastering purposes.

So, what is cement rendering? It is the application of a mixture of sand and cement (sometimes lime too) on the exterior or interior walls of a building so that they can be textured or painted afterwards to enhance its beauty. It is also an effective way to prevent the walls against weather corrosion and other environmental hazards. Cement rendering in Melbourne can be expensive as it is one of the most traditional ways of rendering the wall. However, there are few family owned service providers who offer their services at quite affordable rates. Hence, make sure you do a detailed market survey before opting for rendering services in Melbourne.

Our Service Areas :

Ringwood, Croydon ,Bayswater ,Chirnside park, Ferntree gully, Wantirna , Scoresby, Boronia



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